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Common Questions You Might Ask about a New Roof

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Common Questions You Might Ask about a New Roof

Arguably, the key to longer roof life is proper roof maintenance. That’s why it’s crucial to maintain your roofing, even if it’s brand new. That way, you’ll preserve its properties for years to come.

Of course, you don’t have to know all about your roof. In such cases, your roofing company can provide the answers to your questions. Meanwhile, we’ve compiled a shortlist of the top questions concerning new roofs.

When is it time for a roof replacement?

Perhaps, the first question that pops to owners’ minds is whether they need a roof replacement. Typically, there are a few factors that may help you make a decision – age, leaks, and appearance. Arguably, those three aspects are enough to give you a clearer view of the matter.

For example, most roofs last between twenty and thirty years. If yours is anywhere over twenty years old, then it might be time for a roof replacement. Moreover, the leaks in the forms of stains on the walls or ceilings will give you further evidence. If there’s water damage in your home, then you have a good reason to replace your roof.

Last but not least, lousy appearance can also mean it’s time for a roof replacement. If there’s sunlight coming through the roof boards, there are missing, broken, or warped shingles, then your roof needs replacing.

What are the options for a reroof?

If it’s time for a reroof, you usually have two options – a roof replacement or a roof recovering. In the former procedure, you’ll have your old roof removed before the roof installation. However, the latter involves covering your existing roof with a new one.

Indeed, installing new shingles on top of your old roof will be cheaper, faster, and more manageable. However, that’s if your old roof is problem-free. Besides, roof recovery is not always possible as some building codes don’t allow layering new shingles over an existing top.

Is it OK to do a DIY roof replacement?

Of course, everyone is looking for a budget-friendly way of doing things. However, we don’t advise you to go that route with your roof replacement. Roofing work is a dangerous job that requires proper training and gear. As you can imagine, roofing contractors have professional training and equipment needed for your roof replacement.

How long will my roof last?

As previously mentioned, modern roofing systems usually last about twenty years. Of course, well-maintained clay tile or slate shingle roofing will last much longer. Still, there are a bunch of factors that may affect your roof’s life.

Typically, these include the local climate and environmental conditions, the quality of the roof installation, and the materials. Also, you should bear in mind the proper maintenance and cases of roof repair.

What is the price of a roof installation?

Finally, the price of the roof installation and replacement is an essential part of the procedure. Usually, every homeowner would want to spend the least cost possible. However, that doesn’t always equal quality service.

In such cases, you should seek the balance between the quality of materials, service, location, and size of your roof. Besides, prices may fluctuate according to the area code and the time of the year.

Expert Roofing Solutions from Trio Roofing Contractors

At Trio Roofing Contractors, we strive to provide the best mix of quality and price in the Bay Area. If you ever need a roof replacement or a roof recovering, you can contact us and schedule a routine roof inspection. That way, you’ll ensure your roof lasts for years to come.

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