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Emergency roofing repair – everything you need to know

Emergency roof repair | Trio Roofing Contractors

Emergency roofing repair – everything you need to know

Your roof is an essential part of your house. What’s more, it serves as a protection from various elements like wind, rain, and snow. Therefore, regular roof inspection and roof maintenance are crucial to preserving it in tip-top condition. Of course, not everything happens according to plan. Sometimes, your roof has to withstand unexpected natural disasters. In such cases, homeowners often need emergency roofing repair.

You’re probably aware of the possible consequences if a tree limb crashes into your attic during a thunderstorm. Well, that’s a good example that requires an emergency roofing repair. Luckily, there are plenty of roofing contractors that will help in times of need. Still, you must ensure you minimize the damage so that it doesn’t cause more problems. Here are some of the basics when handling an emergency roofing repair:

What’s an emergency roofing repair?

Typically, an emergency roofing repair is a type of roof repair that roofing contractors carry out in emergency events. In such cases, the damaged roofing exposes the attic and interior of the house. In turn, this often requires a quick roof repair. Sometimes, the roofing company will install a protective cover to prevent further interior and structural damage.

In most cases, the roofer tarps the hole in the roof or damaged area until the weather allows for work. Then, the expert does a thorough damage assessment and proposes a more permanent roof repair.

What situations opt for an emergency roof leak repair?

Usually, an emergency roof leak repair may happen in events of extreme weather conditions. As you can imagine, Mother Nature is an unpredictable and unbeatable opponent for your roofing. Therefore, don’t be surprised if a 50-mph wind tears off your asphalt shingle roofing and exposes your attic.

What’s more, you may be unfortunate to have a tree limb penetrate your roofing structure. Another unpleasant disaster is a lightning strike, which can literally blow a hole through your roof. Let’s not forget about the pesky raccoons and squirrels that occasionally chew through rotted wood and create holes. Last but not least, fire can have a devastating effect on both your roof and house as well.

What should you do in an event of emergency?

When things happen abruptly, we often start panicking. Of course, there’s hardly anything more shocking than seeing your home with a damaged roof. Still, there are a few steps that will help you find a hasty solution.

Don’t panic

As expected, the first step is to remain as calm as possible. Often, the roof damage may not be as worse as you’ve envisioned. During an emergency roofing repair, your best shot would be to protect your roof. However, panicking can make you unable to take the proper actions.

Protect as much as you can

After you recover from the shock, you must protect your roof and house from further damage. If your home has sustained damage during a storm, you’d want to cover any holes. Usually, homeowners use plastic tarps or any other waterproof materials. Of course, larger spots may require you to place buckets or other containers under them to collect water.

Whatever the type of damage, you must call a professional roofing company. Luckily, most of them have 24/7 emergency lines. Bear in mind that not every roofing company would send their roofers during a storm. Still, that doesn’t mean you should try to climb the roof yourself in an attempt to repair the damage.

Contact your home insurance company

Having home insurance will significantly affect how you handle your emergency roof repair financially. Often, such insurance will relieve you of all worries if there’s any damage. Moreover, your insurance company may even offer coverage for hotels or other living areas while the roof repair.

Just call your home insurance company, and they will send an adjuster to review the damage. Then, the expert will provide an estimate of the claim. Of course, you can always get third-party estimates from other roofing contractors. That way, you’ll ensure your insurance company isn’t trying to give you a lower price.

What happens when you call a roofing company for an emergency roofing repair?

As already noted, roofing contractors usually wait until the storm subsides. After all, safety comes first. After the weather clears out, they quickly mobilize and arrive at the scene for a roof inspection. Depending on the case, an emergency roofing repair involves bringing the structure back to a water-tight condition.

Also, a roofing company will ensure there aren’t any additional issues that may exist. Consequently, they will cover any openings with strong plastic tarps that will secure the roofing against the elements. Sometimes, fire and firefighter work may compromise the structural integrity of your roof. In such cases, you may need a place to stay until the roofing company restores your roof.

Choose a reliable roofing company

When you choose a roofing company, it’s essential to hire the one that has all the licenses and insurances. You may often encounter “storm chaser” companies that prey on homeowners needing emergency roofing repair. Unfortunately, such roofers provide sub-standard roof repair services at much higher prices.

Instead of relying on sketchy roofing contractors, you can hire a reliable roofing company like Trio Roofing Contractors. The company experts have extensive training and have the right equipment required for an emergency roofing repair. Don’t hesitate to call for an emergency roof inspection and roof repair!

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