Environmentally-friendly Roofing Options!

Environmentally-friendly Roofing Options!

Environmentally-friendly Roofing Options!

The roof is an entirely weather-proof umbrella of every building. It is a top of the building constructed after the entire building is erected. The construction aspect of the roof is somewhat more significant compared to many other structures of the building. A high focus is needed on the roofing material and workmanship because the roof has to protect the entire building structure eventually.

Today’s Need - Save resources

Roofing is a vital issue in the construction industry. In the time when natural resources are getting sparse in the environment, the campaign "save resources" is the need of today. Every industry tries to save resources through innovative methods that are environment-friendly. This option can be exercised in the roof construction. This article is aimed to provide information on environment-friendly roofing options and their benefits to the world.

Cool green roof

Would you rely on a cooling or sustainable roof or add-on that looks great and fits your price range? You can choose anything, but cool and environment-friendly is the best choice to conserve the resources and reduce your energy bills. At once, you won't believe that such a roof exists, but green options genuinely exist in the present construction scenario. You can move on to find the right environment-friendly roof for your home that fits your budget.

Environment-friendly roof options

Let's begin with the viable and smart environment-friendly roof options.

1. Light-colored asphalt shingles:

A light-colored asphalt shingle roof is a cool roof because it can cut down the room temperature by less absorption of the sun's heat, thus, reducing your summer energy bills significantly. The light-colored asphalt shingles are an excellent economical, environment-friendly cool roof option for residential constructions. Residential Roof Repair is quite comfortable with a shingle roof.

2. Sustainable wood shake or shingle roof:

Wood shingles from sustainably managed forests are natural and biodegradable products. It is an excellent option for a classic look of your home. The problem is that they are expensive as compared to asphalt shingles, but their life is comparatively lower than any other precious material like metal.

3. Reclaimed clay or slate tile roof:

Clay and slate tiles have been in use for roofing for quite a long time because they are natural and durable, and highly coveted even today. The light-colored tiles are excellent for cool roof benefits. Salvaged tile out of landfills is the economical greenest option; else the clay and slate are expensive materials. The reinforcement of the roof is also required because of the heavyweight of the tile. The substantial cost may frequently occur on the Tile Roof Repair) because tiles get chipped or break easily, and require replacement.

4. Standing-seam metal roof:

The high benefitting metal roofs are incredibly durable, long-lasting, light-reflective, and fully recyclable. You can ramp up the green factor with a lighter color. However, the problem is a more significant up-front investment in choosing a metal roof.

5. Recycled-content shingle roof:

Recycled content in shingles provides an appealing lower-cost alternative to other useful options, while still offering tremendous green benefits. The cooling benefits are not optimal when you use white or light-colored recycled shingles.

5. Add-ons:

(i) Solar Panels:

The installation in of Solar Panels on the roof can recover your investment through regular energy savings for many years, though initial investment costs are high. Still, it's an excellent green option.

(ii) Green Roof:

Adding insulation in the roof structure has many benefits of a green roof. Insulation is also a type of Rain Leak Roof Repair because insulation plugs the small space in the roof structure.

(iii) Roof Overhangs:

Roof Overhangs shade your home from the sun and is, therefore, a great way to passively cool your home and reduce energy costs. It’s time to get the best roofs that are environmentally friendly!

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