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What’s the Right Roof Color for Your House?

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What’s the Right Roof Color for Your House?

Perhaps, nobody wants to wait for twenty years or more for a simple roof replacement. At first, you’d think that choosing the roof color is the most straightforward task of all. However, you may quickly change your mind when you see the abundance of shingle roof colors and styles. In such cases, it’s a wise idea to be patient and evaluate all your options before undergoing a roof installation.

Before you choose the roof color for your house, you should consider several essential factors. Some of them include the climate you live in, as well as the impact of weather on your system. That’s why there are two options to achieve the desired roof color. You can use either base it on your home and location or use a superior shingle design for a unique look.

How to Pick Roof Color by Using the Location

Matching the Color of Your House

Arguably, the standard practice among homeowners is to match the color of the shingles with that of the house. On the other hand, some prefer to create a contrast, to make the entire house stand out. Usually, gray or black shingles are ideal for white, gray, or bright colors. If you have earth-tone siding, you should go for brown or tan-colored shingles.

Emphasizing Your Home’s Architecture

Of course, you may want to increase your home’s curb appeal by showing off its architectural features. Perhaps, you may want to use a mixture of colors or go for one-colored roofings. If you opt for a Spanish-style house, you should look for reddish or clay-colored shingles.

Choosing Energy Efficiency

Since energy efficiency is almost always a top priority, you may focus on finding an energy-efficient roof. That way, you’ll significantly lower the temperature in your home. In turn, you’ll save money on utility bills.

Consulting with a Licensed Contractor

Perhaps, you might be having trouble picking the right color for your roof installation. In such cases, you can call a reliable roofing company for a roof inspection. That way, you’ll get a clearer vision of what you should do next. Most of all, the expert roofer will give you professional advice on the type of roof color you should pick.

Abiding HOA Rules on Shingle Colors

Also, remember that whatever you do, you should comply with the roofing standards of your area code. Besides, there’s probably a local homeowner association that may have specific guidelines regarding roofs.

Even if there aren’t any restrictions, you should really make sure your house matches the style of your neighbors’ homes. That way, your house won’t stand out from the crowd. Therefore, having the same-colored roofs might be a good sign, after all.

How to Pick a Roof Color Based on the Shingle Design

Customize Your Own Shingle Design

If you wish to try and go beyond the standard shingle roof designs, you should first consult with a roofer. Perhaps, you may get some ideas for a unique design for your roofing shingles. Usually, you can achieve it through scalloping or layering. If you don’t want to draw the eye on your roof, use low-contrast colors such as brown and tan.

Go for Different Shingle Materials

Of course, you can try and experiment with different materials. Typically, shingles come in a wide range of options. So, you can go for slate, clay, or wooden roof shingles to achieve a unique look. While these materials may cost more, they will increase your home’s curb appeal.

Make Your House Seem Larger

Many homeowners make the mistake of matching the roof color with the siding. Unfortunately, that may ruin your house’s appeal, as it will draw the eye upward. Instead, you should use stark colors such as black or white. They will break your home into clear sections. If you’re trying to make your house looks more substantial, you can use a similar color to your siding one.

Still Can’t Decide? Call Trio Roofing Contractors!

If you still can’t decide what to do with your roof, you can call Trio Roofing Contractors. As a top-rated roofing company in the Bay Area, it will guide you through your roof installation options. But first, the reliable roofing contractor will carry out a roof inspection to evaluate the conditions for roof repair or roof replacement.

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