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Skylights – Benefits and Downsides

Skylight Installation Benefits

Skylights – Benefits and Downsides

If you’re thinking about getting a skylight installation and replacement, you should consider a few things first. Similar to roof replacement or gutter installation, you must weigh out the pros and cons of having skylights. Moreover, it’s best to learn how to avoid the pitfalls before you face them.

Most of all, always call a reliable roofing company to carry out your skylight installation and replacement. Since every facility is different, you’d want to consider all options. Surely, an expert will guide you through the process of choosing a size, material, and features.

Still, it’s up to you to make the final decision. Therefore, it’s a smart idea to walk through the conventional benefits and downsides of skylight installation and replacement.

What Are the Benefits of Skylight Installation and Replacement?

Arguably, skylights have plenty of advantages. While they increase the curb appeal of a home, they also have some practical benefits. Perhaps, they are an ideal solution for dark, stuffy, or cold rooms.

More Natural Light and Heating

Of course, the most significant benefit of rooftop windows is that they let natural light and heat inside. As you can imagine, natural light is essential for any interior. What’s more, the increased solar heat will reduce your heating costs during winter.

Fresh Air and Better Ventilation

Another great benefit of skylight installation and replacement is that you’ll get valuable inlet of fresh air. Perhaps, proper ventilation is just as important as natural light. Therefore, you’ll love to have a skylight to freshen up the airflow in your stuffy room.

Aesthetic Value

As you can expect, rooftop windows can significantly improve the curb appeal of your home. If you plan on selling your house, skylights will increase the overall value of your property.

“Additional” Space

If you want to make your area more spacious, then a skylight installation and replacement will do the trick. Similar to mirrors, rooftop windows can make a place feel vast, too. On top of that, you’ll get a priceless view of the sky.

What Are the Downsides of Skylight Installation and Replacement?

Of course, you can’t have the good without the bad. Just like any cosmetic change to your home, skylights can bring some downsides, too. Most of the time, the drawbacks of skylight installation and replacement come with poor decisions. For example, the most common mistakes have to do with wrong placement, DIY or hiring inexperienced roofers.

Perhaps, there are many more mistakes on the list. Ultimately, your best move is to do the exact opposite. Usually, you’ll want to hire a reliable roofing company and have a proper consultation. That way, you’ll be able to pick the best skylight for your living space. Here are some of the conditionals you’ll have to avoid:

  • Losing heat through the rooftop window due to poor skylight installation and replacement.
  • The location of the skylight brings in too much light or heat during the day due to poor placement decisions.
  • The window doesn’t meet your expectations. You can’t open and close it remotely, nor have an automatic feature because you haven’t talked it out with your local roofer.
  • You can choose poor glass quality that can easily shatter and fall into the house.

Curb-mounted vs. Deck-mounted Skylights

Before you start your skylight installation and replacement, you must choose between curb-mounted and deck-mounted windows. Generally, the curb-mounted skylights must sit on a box structure. When you opt for an alternative, you can use them without re-flashing the rooftop window. On the other hand, deck-mounted skylights have a lower profile because they don’t use a box structure underneath. They simply hug the roof, which makes them more energy efficient.

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