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How to Pick Skylights for Your Home

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How to Pick Skylights for Your Home

Arguably, skylights are the best way to utilize pitched roofs. They are beautiful and will flood any attic or open-plan living space with light. Moreover, it can bring in playful sunbeams throughout your kitchen, bathroom, or attic. Most of all, it’s the ideal addition for a romantic bedtime panorama. But first, you’ll need a skylight installation and replacement.

At first, you’ll think about the upfront costs for skylight installation and replacement. However, these windows can reduce the need to use electric lights. What’s more, they will improve your indoor temperature during winter and summer.

As a result, they will minimize electricity costs. Still, that may happen only when you pick the right skylights for your home. Here’s how to choose the right materials and features, and place the window at the best place.

Types of Skylights

Generally, there are a few types of skylights – glass, fixed, or operable. The roofing contractors can make one in any size and style. Usually, they come with insulated glazing, UV rating, shades, and others. Perhaps, choosing the material, proper size, and the essential features is critical.

Planning a Skylight Installation and Replacement

Also, bear in mind that skylight installation and replacement will work in rooms that are directly below the roof. On a side note, you can utilize your attic space into a living area.

If your room is below the attic, you can get a skylight installation by building a light shaft. That way, the skylight shaft will channel light from the rooftop into the room.

As you can imagine, light shafts come in plenty of shapes and styles. Typically, the most common designs are flared, or perpendicular shafts. But before you decide to do a skylight installation and replacement, be sure to consider the sun’s path.

Typically, skylights on the south- or west-facing portion of the roof will get more direct light. However, they can become a heat trap during hot summer days. Perhaps, your only way out is to put shades, blinds, or another form of sunlight blocker.

Dual Skylight Installation and Replacement

Dual skylights are a beautiful addition to any master bedroom. Perhaps, there’s no better option for nighttime views of the stars. Of course, you’d need some shades or blinds unless you are a sun lover.

Size and Location

As you can expect, skylight installation and replacement in an attic room require careful planning. First, you have to appropriately size and choose the location of the roof window. Perhaps, you should consider the slope of the roof, as it may impact your choice of size.

Usually, a low-sloping roof requires a taller window than a steeper roof. Of course, you can use the ready-made skylight charts with tips from the manufacturers. They will help you pick the right window size for your roof. Just make sure you meet the local codes for load, wind resistance, and other factors regarding skylight installation and replacement.

Glass or Plastic Roof Windows?

When it comes to the material, skylights are either glass or plastic. Either way, they come with a single, double, or even triple glazing. Of course, weight is a crucial factor, so the material you choose can make a huge difference. In some cases, a glass roof window can be almost twice more substantial than plastic skylights.

As for the plastic windows, you can choose between a wide range of variations. Usually, you get to choose between acrylic or polycarbonate plastic, with different moldings in standard sizes. As you can imagine, plastic glazing is ideal when there’s a need for a lightweight, durable, and budget-friendly option. Still, glass is a way more attractive choice for skylight installation and replacement. Arguably, it has the more elegant appearance of the two materials. Also, it offers a clear view, doesn’t scratch, and comes in a wide range of sizes and types.

Skylight Ratings Explained

Perhaps, you’ve seen all those letters on the skylights, and you’re wondering what’s their meaning. In most cases, they tell about the heat loss, gain, and UV ray blockage of the product. Here’s the purpose of some of the essential ratings:

  • U-value – It depends on the glazing, the frame, and all related parts. Generally, the U-value measures the rate of heat flow through the skylight. In other words, a lower U-value will mean higher heat flow resistance.
  • R-value – Typically, you can find the R-value on the glazing. It gives information about the insulation value of the material. That means higher R-value will insulate better.
  • Shading – As the name suggests, this coefficient measures the solar heat gain through the glass. Therefore, a low shading coefficient would mean lower solar heat gain.
  • UV rating – This value represents the percentage of UV rays blocked by the glazing.
  • VLT – Sometimes, manufacturers use this type of measurements to determine the percentage of visible light that a skylight can transmit. Usually, the higher the VLT value, the higher the transparency.

Quality Skylight Installation and Replacement in the Bay Area

Finally, don’t forget to hire a licensed roofing company to carry out your skylight installation and replacement. That way, you’ll be safe in the comfort of your roof window. If you live in the Bay Area, Trio Roofing Contractors is the best local roofing company around town. Most of all, these roofers can do it all – from roof installation to roof repair and much more!

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