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Steps to take before skylight installation and replacement

Skylight Installation And Replacement | Trio Roofing Contractors

Steps to take before skylight installation and replacement

Apart from aesthetic appeal, skylights provide many benefits. If you need to brighten up your home, they will make every room warm and inviting. Besides, you’ll be able to let in fresh air whenever you want. Perhaps, you’re already enjoying the benefits of skylight installation and replacement. In such cases, you probably have a reliable roofing company at your service.

If you’re up for skylight installation, you’re probably anxious about making a hole in your roof. Arguably, it all depends on the roofing company. Suppose your local roofing company has the skills and quality materials. Still, you’ll need to know the different aspects before a skylight installation and replacement.

Vented or fixed skylights?

Typically, most roofing contractors offer vented or fixed skylight installation. As their names suggest, there’s a difference in their insulation properties. For example, fixed skylights have a factory sealing that makes them leakproof.

If your fixed skylights start leaking, the reason may be improper installation and bad flashing techniques. Typically, all riveted and soldered flashing kits should be custom for each curb size. Since they wrap the corners and seal permanently, you must ensure you call a professional roofing company.

On the other hand, vented skylights don’t possess the same insulation properties. Therefore, they may be prone to leaks. Luckily, there have been some advancements in their manufacture, so leaks are no longer a concern.

If you compare the two, vented skylights are far more expensive. However, they allow homeowners to let the build-up moisture and excess heat from their kitchens and bathrooms escape.

Should you install Velux skylights?

Typically, most homeowners view skylight windows as simple roof windows. In this regard, Velux skylights are a little different from conventional models. Indeed, this brand employs a unique skylight installation. In essence, Velux skylights use a roof-to-ceiling tunnel to provide the much-needed brightness in any home.

Just like traditional roof windows, Velux skylights also increase access to natural light. Moreover, they improve the airflow, appearance, and function of your home. If you integrate your skylight installation with solar panels, your Velux skylights will qualify you for a Federal Tax Credit. These skylight windows have advanced protection against inclement weather and an automatic rain sensor. What's more, some models even have a remote and either skylight shades or skylight blinds.

Of course, Velux skylights have their drawbacks, too. Because of their design, Velux skylights can accumulate dirt and moisture. When inquiring about skylight installation, you should consider the landscape of your roof for safety reasons during winter months. Also, keep in mind that Velux skylights are challenging to install. In this regard, you may need to hire a reliable roofing company for your skylight installation.

Installation Tips

Of course, no property owner would want to have their room ruined. Therefore, it’s vital to have your skylight installation and replacement carried out by professionals like Trio Roofing Contractors. That way, you’ll ensure you get all of the benefits of having a skylight.

Hiring a reliable roofing company will keep the drawbacks to a minimum. Ultimately, its experts will consider the essential factors during the procedure.


Arguably, the slope of the skylight is the main factor to affect how much solar heat your home absorbs. Generally, low pitches allow for more heat in the summer while high slopes perform better in winter.

Moreover, the slope of a skylight should be 10 degrees more than the geographical latitude. That way, you’ll ensure your indoor air conditions and heating bills remain reasonable.


As already mentioned, improper installation often leads to leaks. Usually, professionals avoid this moment by installing the skylight above the surface of the roof with a 2x6-inch curb. Also, let’s not forget about the flashing kit.

If there’s no provided kit with the skylight, the roofing company must create a custom one. Otherwise, you risk dealing with leaky skylight in the future. In such cases, roof damage may also cause a skylight to leak. Typically, there may be a missing shingle or a leak near a vent flashing.

Over time, the window may accumulate mold, mildew, or rot from the water damage. Unfortunately, when the damage is too much, your only option is skylight window replacement. Therefore, it’s essential to call for a timely roof inspection to identify the possible reasons for the leak.

Attic Inspection

Of course, before the procedure of skylight installation and replacement, the roofer must inspect the attic. Carrying a roof inspection will ensure there’s no HVAC wiring or pipes in the way of your future skylights. While these are a rarity, it’s a good idea to make sure the location is ideal for skylight windows.

Additional Tips

Should you wait until the summer for a skylight installation?

Contrary to popular belief, roofing contractors offer skylight installation and replacement at any time of the year. Many homeowners believe that you should have your skylights installed in the summer because roofers may work slower in winter. What’s more, a roofing company may offer you a discount for skylight installation and replacement in the winter.

Can a tree branch fall on the skylight and break it?

Just like any other roofing service, skylight installation and replacement comes with its risks. If you have tall trees around your house, then it’s likely to have these issues in the future.

Therefore, it’s a smart move to go for either laminated or tempered glass. Perhaps, the first option will keep the glass pieces in place in case of damage. On the other hand, tempered glass will shatter into thousands of smooth pieces in point of breaking.

Should you cut your roof trusses to fit your skylights?

Typically, most skylight windows on the market will fit rafters of regular size without a problem. However, larger models will require additional considerations. In such cases, you'll need to cut a few roof supports.

Consider installing skylight shades or skylight blinds

As expected, a roof skylight will significantly improve the light inlet in your living space. Therefore, you might need a set of skylight shades or skylight blinds to help regulate the brightness in your room.

Luckily, you can integrate blind systems into any roof skylight. Whether you pick skylight blinds or skylight shades, you'll save your home from heat buildup in summer and heat loss in winter.

Call Trio Roofing Contractors for Skylight Installation and Replacement

At Trio Roofing Contractors, we have built a reputation for one of the top-quality roofing contractors in San Jose. We will ensure professional skylight installation and replacement without leaks. Most of all, we use materials of the highest quality for a long-lasting experience.

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