Concrete Tile to Composite Shingles Sunnyvale May 2019

The Best Residential Roofing Contractors in Sunnyvale for 2019

Nowadays, there are plenty of roofing contractors to hire. When a roof starts leaking, homeowners often call the first roofing company they find. Usually, that results in frustration and even more damage to the rooftop. Therefore, making the right choice plays a crucial role in hiring a reliable roofing contractor, San Jose. Trio Roofing Contractors will ensure you have a long-lasting roof free of leaks and issues. The experts at the company provide high-quality roof installation, including tile roof services and asphalt roof shingles.

What is a Concrete Tile Roof?

In recent years, many homeowners have started choosing concrete tiles over composite shingles. Arguably, tiles are far more appealing than asphalt. The mixture of sand, water, and cement has proved to be a durable roofing choice for roof replacement Bay Area. Compared to clay tiles, concrete tiles have better overall strength and are water-resistant. As a result, this type of roofing will easily withstand hailstorms and other harsh weather conditions. What’s more, they are incredibly versatile and can mimic clay tiles in appearance. Perhaps, you can have your tile roof replacement done with a flat profile, low profile, or high profile concrete slabs.

Partner with Trio Roofing Contractors

For homeowners in the Sunnyvale area, Trio Roofing Contractors is the optimal solution for roof replacement Bay Area. Our highly-experienced roofers put quality servicing as their primary priority. What’s more, you can call us today for a roof inspection. Our professional roofing contractors will give you a fair and honest quote for your concrete tile roof installation.

Are Concrete Tiles Better Than Composite Shingles?

If you’re looking to replace your composite shingle roof, there are many different materials to consider. Of course, concrete tiles are a popular replacement option. We recommend choosing them for several reasons:

  • they are long-lasting (more than 50 years);
  • they are more energy-efficient than composite shingles;
  • concrete tiles are resistant to fire, rot, and pests;
  • if compared to composite shingles, concrete slabs show far better resistance to extreme temperature fluctuations;
  • they have reduced heat gain, which may lower AC and heating costs;
  • unlike composite shingles (petroleum-based material), they use environmentally-friendly materials and are recyclable
  • they come in a myriad of colors, styles, and weights;

Questions to Ask Before You Choose between Concrete Tile and Composite Shingle Roofing

1. What is my budget? Unless you have the budget, you might not be able to afford concrete tiles. However, spending a little more on a concrete tile roof may give far better results. After all, you’ll get a roofing that will last for decades.

2. How often do I plan on calling for roof replacement? Usually, composite shingles have a way shorter lifespan when exposed to extreme temperature changes. On the other hand, concrete roofs can easily last for a lifetime. They need very little maintenance unless there are single pieces that opt for a replacement.

3. Which material is better for the climate in San Francisco? Considering the mild Mediterranean climate of San Francisco, concrete tile roofing is still a better choice. The temperatures do not undergo dramatic fluctuations. Yet, it will insulate your home and improve its efficiency throughout the year.

4. Can my roof hold the weight of a massive tile roof? If you plan to invest in a concrete tile roof, you must ensure your rooftop can bear the weight. There’s a chance you’ll need to spend a little extra on roof system reinforcement.

5. Do I want to be more energy-efficient? Typically, energy-efficient roofing options are always more preferable than outdated options. As you can imagine, concrete tiles are far more efficient than composite shingles.

No matter your roofing material choice, Trio Roofing Contractors is your best choice in residential roof installation and commercial roof installation in Sunnyvale!

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Thanks to our extensive experience as a roofing contractor, we have mastered our quality of work to perfection. Perhaps, your roof might be in dire condition, or you might be looking for a roof installation. Either way, we’ll approach your project with attention to every detail. We will readily answer your calls in all regions of San Francisco. Give Trio Roofing Contractors a call today to schedule a roof inspection, tile roof repair, or roof replacement in Sunnyvale.