Does your mobile home’s roof need repair? Trio Roofing Contractors offer all kinds of mobile home roof services!

Thankfully, Trio Roofing Contractors provides fast and precise roof inspection services in San Francisco and the area. Whether flat or pitched, our experts can troubleshoot problems on both types of roofs. Our team will quickly deal with all kinds of mobile home leak repair.

Mobile home roof services for flat roofs

Typically, most mobile homes with flat roofs use rubber or metal as their roofing material. As such properties are generally older, chances are high there are some immediate issues. Some of them may include the following:

  • Inadequate drainage
  • Overexposure to sunlight
  • Bubbles
  • Tears Arguably, a smaller issue can quickly turn into a disaster. As a result, your home may suffer from leaks, subpar insulation, and even collapse. Before that happens, you should have a roofing company carry out a flat roof repair. Call your local roofing company for a thorough evaluation of the damage and roof repair costs. At Trio Roofing Contractors, we value our clients’ needs and opinions. We offer standard mobile home roof leak repair as well as residential roof replacement.

Mobile home roof services on pitched roofs

If your mobile home is relatively new, it will likely have a pitched roof. Generally, such shelters are more attractive and require less maintenance than flat roofs. The most common material for such surfaces is composite or metal shingles. While they have better drainage than flat roofs, they are still prone to severe damage from rain, wind, and snow.

Find a practical solution for your roof by using our mobile home roof services

As you can imagine, many homeowners tend to try and troubleshoot their roof issues singlehandedly. Going the DIY method is undoubtedly a cost-saving option, but you risk missing out on some crucial aspects. Therefore, relying on a professional is essential to finding an effective solution to your problems. After we carry out a roof inspection, our team of experts will recommend options to deal with your leaking roof. They will provide you with an accurate evaluation of the potential cost of the roof repair or roof replacement. What’s more, our professional roofing company will guarantee your roof remains fully functional after any of the procedures.

Carrying out a “roof over”

If your roof needs a considerable roof repair, you can still get away without spending a fortune. Instead, you can ask your local roofing company for a “roof over” procedure. In essence, this method involves placing a new roof over your current one. The old roof remains intact, which may save you a lot of money on removal and preparation. You should consider this approach as one of our mobile home roof services if:

  • Your mobile home’s roof is flat
  • There are multiple or one more significant issue with your roof
  • You can salvage your old roof
  • You’re looking for a budget-friendly solution
  • Your current roof is relatively new
  • The mobile home can bear the weight Unless you’re a roofer yourself, you should rely on professional roofing contractors. Since you’ll be placing a new roof over, your old one will still have to go through a maintenance check. Trio Roofing Contractors can address all existing problems with your original roof

Carrying out a roof replacement

Of course, sometimes you can’t avoid going for a roof replacement. This mobile home repair route can cost you a few thousand dollars. However, it’s the most reliable of all mobile home roof services. Replacing an outdated and severely damaged roof with a new one makes a lot of sense. After all, you’ll be able to rip out your original top and start over.