Let Trio Roofing Contractors tell you their covering aspect of the roof!

When you install a roof, you don’t just install it for a few years; rather you install for future. Those who avail our roofing services at Trio Roofing Contractors know that we don’t only do the roofing job, but also provides the valuable information so that it stays firm for many years.

The roof is undeniably a vital structure of the building that protects its entire interior, assets, and occupants. Roof's life is thus a crucial issue. There are two different issues in this context: the roof's real life and the addition of more years to the roof's original life.

About the roof's life

The information on the roof's real life is provided by the manufacturing company that provides the roof material. It is fixed for a specific material. The addition of more years to the roof's original life comes from the maintenance part. A well- maintained roof structure can sustain for a higher number of years than its original life. Thus, proper roof installation is not just the criterion for the sustainability of the original roof and not the only factor because roof maintenance is not least essential. The roof material wears over time because of its exposure to the external environment. The impact of continuous attacks of severe weather factors and natural calamities bring changes in the original condition of the roof.

Roof maintenance

The roof maintenance aspect includes roof restoration – repair or replacement, as needed, depending on the roof's condition. The first choice of roof maintenance is its repair, which is less expensive than all other recourses. Replacement is always considered the other recourse when roof repair is not the right solution. It usually costs more than the repair, but this recourse is chosen when a repair is not feasible to restore the roof. A competent roof contractor or roofing service is always recommended for the roof repair. When it comes to roof repair, no one does it better than Trio Roofing Contractors. It is a competent company for the Roof repair bay area. It is a reputed roofing company in California, rendering i services to the building owners and builders of the San Jose and Bay Area.

We, at Trio Roofing Contractors, know that Roof replacement is the next feasible recourse when a roof can't be repaired. The replacement aspects are different for the sloped and flat roof. A flat roof has a pitch of less than 10%. Many flat roofing materials will not be viable options on a roof with a pitch that is high. Competent roofing can best decide the roof replacement material and method for the sloped or flat roof replacement

Roof maintenance options

Most San Jose homeowners use asphalt shingles in roofs. The building codes define the options when existing shingles lose their original condition. These options are defined as:

Reroofing - the process of recovering or replacing an existing roof covering;

Roof Recovering – installing an additional roof covering over a prepared existing roof covering without removing the existing roof covering;

Roof Replacement – removing the existing roof covering, repairing any damaged substrate, and installing a new roof covering.

It is not your choice to choose the specific building code because a competent roofing contractor like Trio Roofing Contractors decides the suitable option for the roof restoration. In some cases, local building codes also limit the available options. Wrap up

A roof, once installed, never retains its original condition forever. This is how a roof receives maintenance that adds further tears to the real life of the roof. Want roofing services? Feel free to call us!